About Us

Who Are We?

ACG Silicon Valley is not a networking meet and greet venue.

It is a group of leaders assembled by invitation only providing a unique experience with like-minded senior executives.  Business is transacted in this group.  In the last 18 months:

  • Five top CEO positions have been seeded and materialized through ACG Silicon Valley connections.
  • Several venture deals have unfolded, involving founders, and venture partners and trusted professional advisors.  Entire deals have been transacted engaging only ACG SV members in collaboration.
  • One CEO founder of an established private and revenue positive nine-year-old company joined ACG SV specifically to find an investment banker to guide his two-year exit plan for acquisition. He found an attorney to do the deal and other trusted professionals to round out the process from within the ACG SV members.

ACG Silicon Valley prides itself on connecting with a purpose for specific sector groups.  Six times a year over 150 Silicon Valley CEO’s participate in the C-Suite Circle.  Quarterly well over 100 people who sit on public company boards engage over dinner, in the Public Board Circle.  Monthly M&A professionals meet in what is now branded as the Dealmakers Circle. And the Young Executives Circle (YEx), the newest of the ACG Silicon Valley acclaimed Circle program is now going into its second year.

For more information, please visit www.acg.org.

Our Mission
To be the catalyst of corporate growth in Silicon Valley. We are dedicated to providing business professionals with essential information, practical experiences, training, useful ideas, and contacts for the growth and development of business.
About ACG Silicon Valley
The ACG chapter in Silicon Valley (http://www.acgsv.org) presents terrific programs and thus attracts a good group of corporate development and entrepreneurial individuals to its gatherings. Thus the organization is very helpful in keeping current with both industry topics and people.

ACG Silicon Valley is a leading organization for senior level executives who are involved in mergers and acquisitions, corporate growth and corporate development. ACG Silicon Valley is about getting the right people together in one place, sharing knowledge, repeating success, and propelling growth through leadership. ACG Silicon Valley is a forum beyond networking.

Key Contacts
Tom Shanahan Chairman of the Board (650) 854-9111 tom.shanahan@acgsv.org

Sally Pera, CEO Corporate Sponsorship (650) 533-5337 sally.pera@acgsv.org

Sonya Duffin Vice President of Operations (408) 510-7017 sonya.duffin@acgsv.org

Mailing Address: ACG Silicon Valley C/O Sonya Duffin 20660 Stevens Creek Blvd. #278, Cupertino, CA. 95014