Growth Challenge



“The Growth Challenge” program is offered by Blue Dots Partners LLC in collaboration with ACG Silicon Valley. The program is conducted six times per year and is restricted to ACG Silicon Valley affiliated CEOs of companies with at least $10 million in revenue. During a 2-hour session, one CEO will meet with two principals from Blue Dots including one of the Managing Partners. The goal is to foster a constructive discussion and provide thoughts and suggestions to generate revenue acceleration, specific to the CEO’s company, situation, and growth goals. Each meeting is private and discussions are kept in strict confidence. The sessions are provided at no charge.

Meetings are held at the offices of the law firm Orrick at 1000 Marsh Road in Menlo Park (two blocks west of US 101).


Why it matters

The only way to create sustainable shareholder value is to build a business that grows faster than the market in which it operates. Blue Dots believes that the optimal growth rate can only be achieved via a perfect alignment between the business and its target market, much like gears in a finely-tuned mechanical watch. CEOs who want to outperform their market and accelerate revenue growth need to have a pragmatic, data-driven, and actionable playbook with a roadmap, so that they know where to focus their time and energy and what to do on Monday morning at 8 o’clock.


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About Blue Dots Partners, LLC

Blue Dots was founded specifically to help companies accelerate top-line growth. The firm developed a uniquely successful methodology, called A4 Precision AlignmentTM, implemented by a team of experienced CEOs, Board Members, C-level executives, and VCs. Since 2014, Blue Dots Partners has successfully helped many businesses ranging from $10 million to $1 billion in revenue, domestic and international, across industries, and with a variety of business models, outperform their market in quarterly and annual revenue.



“The Growth Challenge program offered by ACGSV was terrific! As a rapidly growing enterprise software company we constantly are looking to gain greater insights into market leadership, positioning and go-to-market strategies. The Blue Dots Partners were knowledgeable, creative, and a very experienced team. The A4 Precision Alignment framework they use is really well done. I can’t thank ACGSV enough for the support and the Growth Challenge session.”- Andy Duncan, CEO - Boardwalktech, Inc.
“…we are experiencing a phase of tremendous growth in our business on the path to $1 billion in revenue. The A4 Precision AlignmentTM process was very well managed and efficient. The Blue Dots team delivered a concrete, actionable, and pragmatic set of recommendations that were eye-opening and very much helpful to me and my management team.”- Alain Harrus, CEO - Kateeva


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