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How do you maintain your and your team's daily motivation and inspiration despite obstacles, pushback or setbacks during this shelter-in-place?
It is most important in today’s shelter-in-place to keep teams connected and for everyone to feel included in the team’s decision making.  During times of uncertainty and constant change, team members need to feel valued and collaborative.  Team meetings are essential – whether it is through Zoom, FaceTime or conference calls, people want to feel connected and updated.  It is also important to recognize team members’ contributions and ideas, and reward them.  This helps the morale of team members.  During times of upheaval and change, collaboration and teamwork brings hope and new ideas to the table. This creates a positive outlook and new ideas for the future.


What do you consider your and/or your company’s biggest strength during COVID-19?
Communication is key and our firm is strong in outreach to our talented team and clients as we work remotely from home. In an environment of daily change, we have to communicate well and keep people informed. COVID-19 has presented a situation where we adjust every minute based on new information. As we work from a shelter-in-place, we have to have strong organizational communications, and the technology and applications to support them. With strong communications in place, we can keep each other informed on our current situation, strategy and outlook.


Where do you find inspiration?
I find inspiration in my wife, sons and family. During this pandemic, they have pulled together and held steadfast in an ever-changing environment. As students in elementary and middle school, they adapted to learning from home processes and participating in Zoom calls, online learning and activities supporting shelter-in-place.  We can all learn from our children.  While in a changing environment, they adapted and finished the school year without the comforts of the classroom and teachers available to them.  Many students graduated without a formal ceremony and yet, still made the best of the situation.  It is that positive outlook and resilience of my children and young students that inspires me.


How are you spending any downtime right now?
Downtime is best spent in the great outdoors. We have enjoyed daily evening walks (as well as golf and tennis). After shelter-in-place was extended, there were greater needs to be outside and as summer approaches, our family will be spending time in Bend, Oregon. With restrictions being lifted gradually, it is important to have family time and enjoy the simple things in life such as hiking, fishing, golf and just being with family. These can be stressful times, but we can find relaxation and comfort with our family in our local environment.


What excites you most about ACGSV? How do you get the most out of your sponsorship?
I am excited about working with the new ACGSV leadership team and Board, as well as giving back to the ACG Silicon Valley community. My Reed Smith team and I participate in the ACG events (locally and nationally), the Circle programs, and other ACG resources such as the recent COVID-19 Resource Center.