Automotive Disruption

Date: Thursday, November 17, 2016
Time: 6:00pm-8:30pm
Location: Ericsson
2625 Augustine Drive
Santa Clara, CA 95054



The automotive and transportation industries are being disrupted more than at any time in the last 100 years. The car of the future is being designed, road-tested, and regulated today. The collaborative connected vehicle becomes part of a broader system that can help reduce accidents, environmental impact, improve traffic efficiency and assist in disaster communications. Advanced driver assistance systems and autonomous driving will help eliminate human error from our roadways and provide more options for people with disabilities, creating mobility options suitable for the demographics of the 21st century. Never before has tomorrow appeared so vividly in present times.

This disruption is shifting a complex industry away from its established epicenters and tilting it significantly toward Silicon Valley. Here is where artificial intelligence and deep learning find practical applications; new sensor technologies are emerging; bold entrepreneurs create exciting new transportation-related business models; regulations are being influenced; smart city infrastructure is tested; and where the societal implications of the future of automotive are being examined.

Join ACGSV’s panel of top-level representatives from the automotive industry, technology companies, and government for a riveting discussion of Automotive Disruption and what it means for Silicon Valley.


Our Distinguished Panel


Dr. Joseph “Chris” Gerdes

Chief Innovation Officer
United States Department of Transportation

Chris Gerdes is on a one year sabbatical to the United States Department of Transportation as the Department’s first Chief Innovation Officer. In this role, he works with the Secretary to foster the culture of innovation across the department and find ways to support transportation innovation taking place both inside and outside of government. He serves as an internal champion for innovation and idea generation and as a departmental resource for problem solving approaches, advanced research, automation and connected vehicles.

Chris is serving at USDOT while on leave from Stanford University where he is a Professor of Mechanical Engineering. His laboratory studies how cars move, how humans drive cars and how to design future cars that work cooperatively with the driver or drive themselves. Vehicles in the lab include X1, an entirely student-built test vehicle; Shelley, an automated Audi TT-S that can lap a racetrack as quickly as an expert driver; and MARTY, an electrified DeLorean capable of controlled drifts. Chris and his team have been recognized with a number of awards including the Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers, the Ralph Teetor award from SAE International and the Rudolf Kalman Award from the American Society of Mechanical Engineers.


Quin Garcia

Managing Director
AutoTech Ventures

Quin brings to Autotech a passion for forming ground transport startups, assembling teams of complimentary people, raising capital, and growing via partnerships with corporations. He was part of the founding team at Better Place, responsible for partnerships with automakers and auto parts suppliers while living in Israel, Japan, and China.

Prior to that, he was a management consultant at Strategic Management Solutions, serving automaker and consumer electronics clients. While earning his MS degree in Management Science and Automotive Engineering from Stanford, he worked at Stanford’s Dynamic Design Lab developing autonomous vehicles.

While earning his BS degree in Applied Economics and Management from Cornell, he was a leader of the Cornell Hybrid Electric Vehicle Team.


Gaurav Bansal

Senior Researcher
Toyota InfoTechnology Center

Gaurav is a Senior Researcher at the Toyota InfoTechnology Center in Mountain View, CA, where he leads several research initiatives on the design of communication systems for Automated Driving. Gaurav is an expert in Vehicular Communications, pioneering contributions in Dedicated Short Range Communications (DSRC) congestion control and in innovative use-cases to leverage connectivity in cars. His current research interests also include millimeter wave & full-duplex wireless communications. Gaurav represents Toyota in the Automakers’ Vehicle Safety Communication Consortium and in the SAE, ETSI standardization bodies.

Gaurav’s paper on DSRC Congestion Control received the Best Paper Award at the IEEE WiVEC Symposium. He also holds several patents in the field. Gaurav serves in the editorial board of IEEE Communication Surveys and Tutorials Journal and IEEE Connected Vehicles Initiative. Gaurav holds Electrical Engineering degrees from Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur and The University of British Columbia.


Maya Strelar-Migotti

EVP, Smart Networked Devices and Solutions

Maya Strelar-Migotti is a highly accomplished Senior Executive with a consistent history of maximizing revenue and profitability through the effective management of global organizations. Her international experience has included roles of increasing responsibility, culminating in her current role as a Executive Vice President at Marvell Semiconductor, where she oversees Business Organization for Smart Networked Devices and Solutions. Ms. Strelar-Migotti directs 4 Business Units that are developing and bringing to the market cutting edge semiconductor products addressing new growth areas in IoT, Automotive, Networking and Customer Specific Systems on the Chip solutions. As well, Ms. Strelar-Migotti served as Interim Co-CEO of Marvell.

Prior to joining Marvell, Ms. Strelar-Migotti was Head of the Ericsson Silicon Valley Site and Vice President of the IP and Broadband Development Organization. Ms. Strelar-Migotti held a number of senior executive roles within Ericsson and directed programs and projects in North America, Europe, China and India, with dramatically improved innovation and led the design and release of globally successful products in the IP, Packet Networks, Microwave and Optical Networks.

Ms. Strelar-Migotti is actively engaged in promoting diversity and women in leadership and serves on the Boards of Watermark and ACG Silicon Valley.


Nimish Radia

Innovation & Research Director
Ericsson Silicon Valley

Nimish Radia, Ph.D., has over 19 years of experience in the IT, mobile, telecom, and finance industry with a strong combination of technology expertise and business acumen. He has proven leadership in transforming technology into multi-million dollar profitable vertical and horizontal solutions.

Dr. Radia is currently the Head of Ecosystem Research and Innovation in Silicon Valley. His focus is on co-creating technologies and business models with industry and academia leaders in the areas of IoT, Machine Intelligence, Cloud-computing and Contextual user-centered solutions for Networked Society challenges for the consumers and industries including Media, Transportation, Connected Car and Smart Energy. Before joining Ericsson, he was Advanced Technology Executive at Sun for US Communications, Media, and Entertainment Sales. In this role, he led cross company R&D team accountable for creating revenue-generating solutions. Prior to Sun, Nimish was senior member of IBM Research and Advanced Software Technology Group driving R&D projects with customers globally. Nimish holds 8 patents and 20+ invention disclosures and industry publications.


Our Distinguished Moderator


Drue Freeman

Independent Consultant, Advisor
and Investor
Experienced Global Automotive Semiconductor Executive

Drue Freeman is a 30-year semiconductor veteran. He advises and consults for technology companies ranging from early-stage start-ups to multi-billion dollar corporations and for financial institutions investigating the implications of the technological disruptions impacting the automotive industry. Drue is an Advisory Board Member to Savari, Inc., a leader in the Connected Car (V2X) market.

Previously, Drue served as Sr. Vice President of Global Automotive Sales & Marketing for NXP Semiconductors (2009 – 2015), gaining significant market share in the automotive semiconductor market. He has participated in numerous expert panels and spoken at various conferences on Intelligent Transportation Systems.

Drue spent three years in Shanghai, establishing NXP as #1 in the China automotive market while launching and serving on the Board of Directors for Datang-NXP Semiconductors Co., Ltd., the first Chinese automotive semiconductor company.

Drue is based in Cupertino, California, where he has been working with the emerging Automotive Electronics and Connected-Car ecosystems. He is an Advisory Board Member of BWG Strategy LLC, an invite-only network for senior executives across technology, media and telecom, and a member of Sand Hill Angels, a group of successful Silicon Valley executives and accredited investors that are passionate about entrepreneurialism and the commercialization of disruptive technologies.