C-Circle – Marketing & Branding in a Time of Political and Economic Turmoil

Date: Thursday, September 24, 2020
Time: 9:00am-10:00am
Location: Virtual

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The C-Circle is a group open to CEOs and senior level executives who meet regularly to discuss important business issues, share experiences and strategies and improve business performance. It has attracted a following of approximately 300 CEOs and C-Level Executives and has achieved a regular attendance of 35 executives per session.


During a time of political and economic turmoil, every Company faces a tremendous challenge in building and protecting its brand and positioning itself for success in such a difficult environment. Please join us for a stimulating program on the topic of “Marketing and Branding in a time of Political and Economic Turmoil.”

In this program, we will discuss the following questions and issues:

  • What is a company’s brand?
  • In the time of Covid-19, has purchasing behavior changed?
  • In that regard, should a company’s brand promise change as well?
  • In light of the pandemic, should (i) companies scale back, hunker down and focus on core customers or (ii) increase investment in marketing?
  • How does a company make this decision? What factors are considered?
  • If a company reduces its marketing spend, how long will it take for a brand to recover and regain customer mindshare?
  • How has the Covid-19 impacted branding and marketing strategies?
  • How does one increase brand awareness when the economy is partially shut down and everyone is focused on the virus, the riots or the upcoming presidential election?
  • What opportunities exist in a time of economic uncertainty?
  • Are habits more subject to change in times of uncertainty?
  • How does a company navigate through such a difficult environment?
  • What strategies are available?
  • We have seen major brands get involved in politics, What is the impact on a brand when a company becomes involved in political issues?
  • Have companies declaring their opposition to the Trump Administration clarified or hurt their brands?
  • How did the large companies that praised the Black Lives Matters organization and provided millions of dollars in funding make those decisions?
  • What risks do they face?
  • How does the social media world compare with reality?


Our Distinguished Panelists



Scott Gardner

Liquid Agency

Scott Gardner is the CEO and founder of Liquid Agency. Scott insures the agency continues to grow and evolve by anticipating the needs of our clients. He constantly evaluates what the agency offers, how we work and ensures we are positioned for the future as an invaluable partner to a growing list of global brands and emerging companies with big plans. Scott is passionate about helping clients build real business value through strategic and effective brand experiences, which include traditional brand design and a key focus on emerging trends in experience and culture design. As a result, Liquid has built long-lasting relationships with some of the most successful companies in the world and is a financially stable agency that attracts amazing talent and delivers innovative, effective, award-winning work.

Scott has been a principal consultant on major brand initiatives, with a roster of global brands that includes Adidas, Intel, HP, Microsoft, PlayStation, PayPal, Motorola, Google, Nasdaq and Walmart, as well as small-cap companies like Ernest Packaging Solutions, Amobee, Adaptive Insights, Yodlee, Magento, FICKS and a host of others.


Mike Lee


Mike Lee is CEO of Manticore, a product consulting company that specializes in omni-channel market solutions. Serving construction, manufacturing, and product-based companies, Mike develops and implements unconventional, targeted marketing strategies that help clients draw additional revenue streams. Manticore works with both private and publicly traded companies.



Our Distinguished Moderator


Jim Chapman


Jim is a partner at Rimon, P.C. where he focuses his practice on securities law, venture capital, mergers and acquisitions, and international business transactions. He counsels publicly traded and privately held clients on public offerings, private placements, debt financings, venture capital transactions, mergers and acquisitions, and related transactions. With 30 years of experience in corporate and securities law, he has represented clients in over 300 mergers, acquisitions, and financing transactions.