Product Design and Lifecycle Management for IoT

Date: Tuesday, March 22, 2016
Time: 6:00pm-8:30pm
Location: EMC Corporation
All Stars Conference Room
2421 Mission College Blvd.
Santa Clara, CA 95054

Learn how the “Lean Start-up” approach of rapid products/new features development has impacted companies of all sizes.





The Internet of Things (IoT) is increasingly changing the meaning of “product.” The data provided by IoT is becoming an essential tool for product development. Products have moved beyond mechanical and electronic components to include complex combinations of hardware, software, sensors, data storage, microprocessors, and ubiquitous connectivity.

In the 21st century with forces of continual disruption, the pressure of rapid change has given rise to the lean startup movement transforming how products are built and launched.

The lean startup methodology is designed to accelerate getting a desired product to market faster while avoiding costly mistakes by rapidly building, testing, validating and iterating on products.

Join us to learn how the “Lean Startup” approach of product design and lifecycle management has impacted companies of all sizes.



Leila Pourhashemi

Head of Product Operations,
eBay MarketPlaces

Leila is the COO of Product in MarketPlaces, focusing on driving productivity, product planning, and scaling innovation through disciplined execution.

Prior to this role, Leila was at PayPal leading the PayPal transformation to Customer Driven Innovation (CDI), product re-alignment, agile and a metrics-driven culture. She joined PayPal in 2010 as leader of the Global Technical Support organization. Leila is a change agent, and has transformed companies in multiple industries, ranging from toys to telecommunications.

Prior to PayPal, Leila was Sr. Director of Quality, Program Management and Support at LeapFrog, and Director of PMO for a SaaS voice recognition startup. Leila spent the first 18 years of her career at Sun Microsystems, starting as a software engineer, then leading development of servers, storage and network appliances, with her final role driving PMO for Networking, Telecom and High Availability software.

Leila holds a Bachelor’s degree in Applied Mathematics from UC Berkeley, and lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her family.



Janice Fraser

People Pivotal

Janice is the Director, People, at Pivotal and is one of America’s leading experts on Lean Startup. She has advised many successful companies including Lyft, Sharethrough and TaskRabbit and is an ongoing trainer for the White House administration staff on innovation techniques.

Janice has coached, taught, and interviewed thousands of startup founders in communities around the world. She was founder and CEO of Luxr, among the first Lean Startup firms, as well as Adaptive Path, the first user experience firm. Under her leadership, Adaptive Path tripled in staff and revenues, developed and sold a product to Google, and coined the term Ajax.

Janice is a frequent keynote speaker at startup conferences and leading business schools, including Kellogg and Haas.



David Cronin

Executive Design Director,
GE Digital

David Cronin is an interaction designer, strategist, and design leader. As Executive Design Director at GE Digital, he leads user experience and design thinking efforts for industrial internet of things platform and products.

Prior to joining GE in 2011, David was Director of Interaction Design at Smart Design, an award-winning product design consultancy and Managing Director at Cooper, the first design firm dedicated to the practice of interaction design for digital products. His early career was spent designing and building the first generation of large-scale, dynamic web sites and applications.

During his 20-year career, David has designed enterprise software, consumer electronics, medical devices and healthcare information systems, as well as a financial portfolio management and trading platform for the world’s largest asset manager. He’s happiest when he can work with cross-functional teams make complex systems useful and enjoyable for the people who rely on them.



Marat Boshernitsan

Sr. Software Director,

Marat Boshernitsan is a researcher and a practitioner who is passionate about software development. Marat’s work focuses on building products that empower organizations to create software that is safe, robust, secure, and delightful to use. An engineer at heart, he is equally at home in the company of designers, scientists, product managers, marketers, sales reps, and executives.

As a Senior Sofware Architect and Director at Synopsys’s Software Integrtiy Group (via Coverity acquisition), Marat has led and scaled engineering teams and helped establish sound software engineering processes and practices. Marat has built products and teams from the ground up, starting with vague ideas and iterating toward a functional product, as well as worked on mature products and with established teams.

Prior to Coverity, Marat served as a Director of Research at Agitar Software, where he worked on a wide range of software development problems related to automated testing of software.

Marat holds B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of California at Berkeley.



Manuel Terranova

Peaxy, Inc.

Peaxy CEO and President Manuel Terranova is a technology veteran with a proven track record of bringing emerging technologies to market. He has a broad range of business and technical leadership experience in oil and gas, subsea equipment, software application development, pipeline inspection robotics, telemetry systems and IT infrastructure.

Before co-founding Peaxy, Terranova was at General Electric’s Drilling and Production business, where he led a $5.2 billion portfolio as a Senior Vice President. He managed the company’s commercial and regional resources worldwide, including the creation of a $200 million subsea equipment joint venture in sub-Saharan Africa. During his 13 years at GE, he led a number of successful software development efforts, including a GIS software business, remote pipeline monitoring and SupportCentral, a knowledge-based portal that grew to become the company’s second most used application worldwide.

Since 2013 Terranova has been actively engaged as a committee member with the National Academies of Science and the National Transportation Board. His involvement has helped advance the safety of offshore oil and gas operations.





Mike Farber


Mike is a partner at LaunchSquad, where he helps some of the tech industry’s most interesting companies tell their stories to the world.

Holder of a B.A. from Boston College and J.D. from the University of Pennsylvania, he has a particular love for entrepreneurs, moving fast and elegantly designed products that solve real business problems.