Tuning Them In Not Turning Them Out: What Investors Are Thinking When You Walk Through Their Door

Date: Wednesday, June 03, 2015
Time: 7:30am-9:30am

Are you a young serial entrepreneur or tomorrow’s future business leader and wish to request to be a part of these events?


The ACGSV Young Executives (YEx) Circle cultivates the best of today’s serial entrepreneurs and young executives into tomorrow’s most complete business leaders that will drive the future of Silicon Valley.

Fundraising for your company via Angel or Venture Capital Investors can be one of the most daunting endeavors for first-time start-up founders and executives .

In this discussion we will:

  • Walk you through the preparation process for investor engagement and suggest the topics you must be prepared to cover.
  • We will help you understand the mindset of the investor, so you can specifically target their interests and avoid common pitfalls.



Nicola Corzine

Executive Director,
NASDAQ Entrepreneurial Center

Ms. Corzine is responsible for strategic and operational leadership, program planning and implementation as well as fundraising at the NASDAQ Entrepreneurial Center, a newly-formed non-profit dedicated to promoting and delivering educational support to ambitious entrepreneurs.


Bruce Schechter

Associate Band Member
Band of Angels,
The Schechter Company, LLC

Mr. Schechter is an active advisor, consultant, or investor in a variety of technology startups, including Life360, Proformative, TreasuryCurve, and Flying Cloud Technology.  Bruce began his career at Intel Corporation in 1980 and there he served a 17-year tenure in a variety of roles including Fab Process Engineering, Microprocessor Product Management, the Corporate Strategy Group, and Director of Online Marketing in the Corporate Marketing Group. Bruce is active in non-profit work, including his role as Founder and President of the Intel Alumni Network, and mentoring student entrepreneurs at both Stanford University and Purdue University.

NASDAQ Entrepreneurial Center is pleased to provide attendees of YEx with exclusive passes to their ‘MediaLab openU’ launching later this year. Recipients of this MediaLab openU receive advice and guidance from thought leaders on how to develop and create highly engaging media content that resonate with their audience. Open completion of this course, YEx alum will receive complimentary staffed studio time which includes the production of a 3-minute high-quality digital media story.


Are you a young serial entrepreneur or tomorrow’s future business leader and wish to request to be a part of these events?