Harmeet Chauhan | Wipro Limited

Harmeet Chauhan

SVP, Industrial and Engineering Services
Wipro Limited
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What are the most important decisions that you are currently facing (daily) as a leader in your organization?
These are difficult times like never before – an organization’s ability to innovate at scale will be critical in creating phenomenal value for their customers globally, especially now. At Wipro are taking all possible steps to ensure the health & safety of our employees, while serving our customers in the best possible ways in their hour of need.

What do you consider your and/or your company’s biggest strength during COVID-19?
Our global teams have adapted to the #newnormal seamlessly and today our engineers are fully enabled in a 100% virtualized engineering workspace to solve a set of varied customer problems. At Wipro, believe that it is going to be all about Data, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and 5G and how these technologies will take customer experience to a whole new level. The Engineering view from a Service Provider like us was traditionally about capability and capacity augmentation. However, with EngineeringNXT, we add three very critical aspects to drive value for our customers:

  1. Talent can be anywhere, is everywhere. We have new-age crowdsourcing techniques, people engagement models, near-shore and Global-shore models to deliver on complex programs. For e.g., we delivered on feature enhancements around accessibility for a collaboration product for a global leader in a crowdsourcing mode. Turns out, it was much more agile and $ efficient. 
  2. Agile is the new normal, for which we added PoD* based engineering programs to accelerate time to market or accelerate the pace of innovation for our clients.
  3. Engage Early and be a partner to co-innovate. We are increasingly focused on strengthening our consulting and product management capabilities – those that precede the engineering value chain and are followed by the actual solutioning and delivery.

What is the best advice you have ever been given?
“Lead with empathy / take risks / decide sooner rather than later or no decision…”

What book(s) are you currently reading?
“Prediction Machines & Difficult Conversations”

What excites you most about ACGSV? How do you get the most out of your sponsorship?
ACGSV and Wipro have been great partners and we appreciate the thought leadership and the executive connect the forum brings to the members. We find value in networking and having meaningful conversations across all the channels that ACGSV organizes – events, webinars, meetups.